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Greta GRENDAITĖ & Tomas VOSYLIUS (Legal (Art)Lovers)
interactive installation (NON)UNIFORM MOUNTAINS, exhibition
Presentation of the interactive installation  (NON)UNIFORM MOUNTAINS.

Interactive installation “(Non)Uniform Mountains” by Greta Grendaitė & Tomas Vosylius („Legal (Art) Lovers“) at the exhibition "Creature Comforts".

We invite you to contribute to the creation of a joint installation in the exhibition “Creature Comforts” by Greta Grendaitė & Tomas Vosylius at the gallery “Meno parkas”. Share your “mountain” personally connected with your dreams, expectations, dreams (not)coming true and things, that happen on the way, as if you would be climbing to the mountains, sometimes real, close to us, and sometimes just like postcard, false, covering the mountains that would be way more interesting and meaningful to us. Let the mountain (it might look like a simple triangle) be a metaphor for the dream and fill it with the real experience. Still, your piece may resemble the silhouette of a mountain, and its content is free, individual, metaphorical, symbolical or even straightforwardly social, based on whatever matters to you personally. Installation is being created on the gallery’s wall and visitors are invited to contribute during the all exhibition (from April 12) and the final result will be presented during the second “Gallery Weekend Kaunas” (on May 12, 17:45).

Gallery’s working hours: I-V 12-18.30, VI 11-16.


It is difficult to answer the “uniform” questions, for instance, who is your favorite artist, what is your most interesting book, etc. Every time we gain a new experience, our dreams develop, are amassed and fulfilled, become more vivid or wear off. Sometimes, without a rhyme or any reason, we come up with prepared answers for that type of questions. For example, if someone asked about our favorite exhibition by some other authors, the first one that comes to mind is the “Le Mont-Fuji n’existe pas” (“Mount Fuji does not exist”) exhibition (2012) at the “Le Plateau” Gallery (FRAC Île-de- France, Paris) curated by Élodie Royer & Yoann Gourmel which left an imprint in our minds; sometimes not even acclaimed exhibitions manage to do that. It is very subjective and inaccurate to give only one example as an answer, but it seems that a particular imprint determines it.


Art as well as life unfolds in the process; a part of it can fit in dreams. The experiences that are important to you do not necessarily coincide with whatever can be seen most clearly on the outside or whatever gets presented as a result – as if a flag placed on the mountaintop. The conceptual axis of the aforementioned exhibition turned into a reflection of the analogical experience: visits and life in Japan did not present an opportunity to “meet” Mount Fuji, even though it was a wish that had existed beforehand; there was even the standard tourist dream to climb it. During that time, many other mountains were climbed and visited, except for the main attraction seen in postcards. On my last departure from the country, the peak of his majesty unexpectedly emerged through its surrounding mist, and as I was looking through the airplane window, one of the Pokémon was waving at me from the wing of the plane. The trite souvenirs were roguishly teasing – they seemed to be within reach, yet they were miles and miles away. You were forced to face the fact that one of your dreams might be absurd or even false. You smile is to remain for a long time: you appreciate all that you have seen, experienced, discovered, the people you have met on the way, while the mountaintop you have seen in postcards no longer seems that important; you might have even forgotten about it altogether. We kindly invite the visitors of the “Creature Comforts” exhibition to share their experiences and contribute memories of their own “(non)uniform mountains”, i.e. true personal or perhaps false dreams shaped by and forced on by the environment, and to get involved in the creation of a joint wall installation. Each individual contribution will become a part of a mountain chain, as if a symbolic act of discarding illusions and labels

imposed by the environment and visualisation of one’s thoughts in the shape of a mountain.

The authors of the exhibition

[1] fuji-does- not-exist/


Gallery‘s "Meno parkas" team

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